SMART Transportation Division issues matter. Vote.

SMART issues are up for a vote this election year, up and down the ballot. We must make every effort to win back a union-friendly Senate majority, vital Congressional seats and elect a president who’s on our side.

The outcome of the Presidential Election will determine whether we make progress on improving our jobs or whether we lose ground.

The next president of the United States will set the tone and make important appointments to positions that directly affect Transportation Division members.

The head of the Federal Railroad Administration will decide:

Donald Trump has repeatedly said he will discard regulations and get rid of government bureaucracy. When you look at the pending regulations affecting us, like two-person crews, fatigue and locomotive cameras, this rhetoric is cause for concern.

Appointees to the National Mediation Board will intervene in our contract negotiations and influence things like wages and work rules. Trump has refused to pay hundreds of workers for services rendered or products delivered. Is that who you want making these decisions?

The next Chairman of the Railroad Retirement Board will determine not only how our pension is administered, but how our unemployment, sickness and disability benefits are administered as well. Trump’s choice for Vice President, Mike Pence, has voted to limit, reduce, or take away your railroad retirement and voted against numerous labor protection and wage bills in his political career. That’s not the team we want in charge of these important decisions.

The next President may appoint Presidential Emergency Boardsthose Boards can determine the outcome of contract negotiations in the railroad industry. Who of the two candidates do you expect will side with workers?

That’s why it’s important to vote.

SMART has endorsed Hillary Clinton because she will support our union, our issues, and the progress that unions have made. This is serious stuff and we all need to do our part in making our jobs better. Not just for us, but for those who follow.

And that work starts with this election.


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